Mental training

The use of trancelogic in hypnosis opens many gateways. Such as suggestionizing removal of the symptom for portions of a painstate, without beeing afraid of that the necessary pain-signal is reduced. The trancelogic also allows many chances of exceeding peoples restricted black and white mentality and either or attitude.

It allows cognitive alternatives to meet with indispensable everyday differences. For example people can be both foolish and clever. Occassionally hypnosis can be essential to reduce undergoing conflicts of either-or nature. With effectively applicated hypnosis it appears highly efficient to apply equivalent procedures, and synonymously as much as possible express evident expectations about the effect. This can be immensely valuable working with athletes that want to influence increased performance.

People that suffer from great performance apprehension but with high accomplishment capacity can profit largely by employing hypnotic methods. Preventing obstructions that restrict personal creativity can often quickly be changed. Immediate actual expericence
during treatment seen as enhanced capacity, also appears exceptionally convincing and reliable.This will often be the vital incident that creates the necessary safety and promotes further progress.

In hypnosis chances are allowed to appear for the individual, that they have skills, authority and management abilities out of the ordinary. That makes the method employable for many purposes. By means of hypnosis active work at hypnosis and selfhypnosis can allow the individual to obtain more conscious control – and have access to - these accomplishments.
Mental training can bring about the best of these proficiencies in occasions that imply maximum challenges. This will contribute to intensify the self-esteem and the self-determination. Demonstrations in advance that gives proof of the expected effect, or information about other people that have achieved good results, and especially reporting scientifically coherent evidence, can influence persons very effectively in an almost certain way and increase the chances of making progress in achievement.

When one makes a terapeutical induction, these coherences will automatically be able to be connected and put in order. For example the history about improved sports achievements with a person who began by doing hypnosis, can easily attract attention also with others. Effective evidence of expected effects are usually among the most important elements in successfull hypnosis treatment. One problem must nevertheless be pointed out in this context. Expectations of improved performance can be influenced to such a strong degree, that it becomes impossible for the person to meet them in the real life. Fysical conditions and the basis of training for the person is not sufficient for such improvements. This can give rise to problems and negative responses. We experience to fail in our efforts to achieve an expected
purpose and hope of improvement. To promise more than reality can redeem, acts very negatively on performance.
The elegance in the therapeutical intervention during hypnosis often implies that one can elaborate an image either in the phantasy or in the real life, so that in time it holds all the patients attention. What is left of the surroundings recedes into the background. This can largely alter the experience of the individual. The experience that we at the very moment can choose between what we want to direct our attention towards, will frequently give rise to a sense of success and control in situations we occassionally meet with helpessness. Accomplishing the process underlying the elaboration of a portion in its entirety and let the figure recede into the background, contributes to that many clients find they actually have a choice what they want to experience. A hypnotherapeutical method like this can be profitable in many situations that put in a claim for selective attention, for example as to pilot skills. This encourages mastery and can prevent the feeling of overwhelming and defeat. The prospect underlying the elaboration of a part in its entirety , will in next place take over the attention and increase the possibilities of permanent alterations of the perception.

The method appears to be usable in innumerable ways where the client needs to feel safe, quiet and self-assured, and where this affects performance. Several empirical studies have also proved that the method has effect in proportion to specific formulated problems. For example improving academical achievements. Sports psychology has in its programmes for mental training to a high degree applied various forms of ego-supportive suggestions. While working with the self-reliance of athletes, they are commisioned to practise positive selfinstructions as posthypnotic suggestion. Ego-supportive suggestions is the field where application of hypnosis in the course of the last time for the most part has been distributed.
The outcome has mainly been positive. Many scientists have maintained this is due to
that the space between thought, idea and action in hypnosis is smaller, and more fusioned
and integrated. The intention of an act increases the inclination to carry out the same action.