Many of us have problems that we have worried about for a long time owing to reasons lying on a deeper unconscious level. That implies for instance traumatical occurances, like territorial violation, infringement problematics and so on, that we partly or entirely have been compelled to repress behind “closed doors” at an unconscious level in order to prevent overloading.

When you by means of hypnosis in the form of cognitive conversations to a sufficient high degree has rebuild yourself, what follows is: The parts of not finally prepared memories that request conscious adaptation rise above level. At the same time most of these experiences are prepared at an unconscious level. When not finally prepared experiences starts to arise to consciousness, it can be necessary to pass what we can name the hypnotherapeutical phase so that the problem disappears forever. If that is the case it is important that you see an expert in hypnosis , a doctor or psychologist, trained and qualified to take people through this phase. The reason why you require a psychologist or doctor by your side, is because it will be too hard to control the process you undergo, while you need to learn to handle the experience you get into touch with in a new and constructive way.

The process you undergo while you prepare traumatical expericences in hypnosis operates at different levels simultaneously:
- Level 1: Reconstruction that is a relival of not prepared experiences.
- Level 2: Alteration or re-programming of these.
Even if you succeed to enter hypnosis alone, it can be difficult to proceed without professional assistance, if it appears that parts of not prepared experiences are spontaneously reconstructed, that is reaches conscious level. In order that you should feel ready to handle these, you need to experience that you have someone by your side, who through his knowledge and experience in this domain, can offer you the necessary integrity and safety.
The unconscious part of you will see that you reconstruct – that is live over again – at a pace you manage and as far as it is necessary so that an entire preparation will occur. The reconstruction is then accompanied with change and re-programming, implying situations previously experienced as threatening, scaring or otherwise invading, is now met with a new and more positive manner that makes you master them. By getting control with your way of seeing what has taken place, your belief in your own possibilities to affect the situation increases, and your self–image then becomes more positive.
By working your way through the hypnotherapeutical phase you achieve radical change of your behavior patterns, implying having it substantial better with yourself and beeing able to act in a more constructive manner.