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-Mental Training
-Cognitive treatment and psychotherapy
-Trauma treatment
-Managing development
-Outpatient treatment

Succesfull effect with treatment of

-Anxiety (phobias/ trauma)
-Weight (anorexia/bulemia/overweight)
-Smoke stop/abuse, compulsive gamling, and other variations of addiction
-Low selfesteem/ stagefear
-Stress/ burnout
-Pain-states/ tinnitus
-Sleep-disorder/ insomnia
-Depression/ grief
-Sexual problems

About Dr. Martin Blendstrup Malmstrøm

About Dr. Martin Blendstrup Malmstrøm

Specialist in Clinical Psychology MNPF, Subspecialization in Clinical Psychology with
Adults, further education in hypnosis and family therapy, Registered EuroPsy Psychologist EFPA, Acredited member of ESH and holder of The European Certificate of Hypnosis ECH.
More than 30 years of experience as psychologist. Boardmember Norwegian Society of Clinical and Evidencebased Hypnosis (NSCEH), Member Board of Representatives European Society of Hypnosis (ESH) and International Society of Hypnosis (ISH). Instructor and lecturer on preliminary courses in medical hypnosis for doctors and psychologists under the liability of Norwegian Society for Clinical and Evidencebased Hypnosis at Aker University Hospital and Oslo General University Hospital. Workshops in traumatreatment and narrative hypnosis at national and international workshops, as well as international conferences under the liability of ESH and ISH with workshops in Spain, Mexico, Austria, Germany and Turkey.

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